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I am an outdoor photographer specializing in Colorado and the West. I photograph to share with the viewer how I see the world; what I find striking, powerful, evocative, or interesting. To share the sense of wonder from a late-afternoon thunderstorm on the short-grass prairie, a flock of snow geese flying out of the dawn color at Bosque del Apache, or the sunset setting the fall aspen leaves ablaze. In short, to say: “This is what moves me about the world, and here’s why.”

I have a lifelong connection to the places and things that I photograph. I am a Colorado native, and a longtime resident of Denver, Colorado. I grew up photographing in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Rockies with my dad. I’ve spent countless days hiking and camping in the mountains (and the marvelous, unpopulated prairies in northern Colorado.) My now-wife and I even went on dates to Rocky Mountain National Park. We would buy dinner nearby and drive into the Park to watch the sunset and the elk. When I started “serious” photography, I naturally gravitated to photographing the same animals and landscapes that I grew up enjoying. 

I live in Denver Colorado. I enjoy spending spare time with my wife two teenage children, rock climbing, hiking, collecting an idiosyncratic assortment of things, and reading science fiction.

Hi Andrew - The Capitol Peak picture absolutely consumes the room with its beautiful colors and is just perfect in our new living room. MANY thanks for bringing such beauty into our new place in the mountains.

Amy R.