Sandhill Cranes on Storehouse

Sorry for the dearth of posts recently. I’ve been busy shooting, and preparing for the upcoming art show season.

One of my all-time favorite subjects are Sandhill Cranes. I’ve spent years photographing them, and I’ve built a nice portfolio of images. I recently assembled some of my favorite images into a Storehouse “story.” Hope you enjoy them:

New Image Featured in Colorado Life Magazine

Colorado Life Magazine CoverThe January-February issue of Colorado Life Magazine just arrived. I was delighted to see my burrowing owl image featured in the article on birds of prey.  I photographed this extremely cooperative owl a few years ago in Weld County, Colorado.  Owls are usually extremely skittish. But the owls in this colony, for whatever reason, seemed oblivious to humans.  Needless to say, I spent a happy summer photographing them.  Sadly, the burrowing owl colony is no more, having been replaced by a housing development.

It’s a great pleasure to see my work featured in Colorado life, along with work from several of my Colorado photographer friends.  Thanks to the magazine, and congrats to the other photographers.

New Gallery Show - Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Gallery

Andrew - wall 1 copy

We are pleased to announce that we have a new show up in the Gallery at the Pikes Peak Medical Center in Woodland Park, Colorado.  A portion of the proceeds from the show benefit the Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Foundation.

The show hangs through February 7, 2014.

We will post a link to the show announcement as soon as the gallery posts it.

Bald Eagles Story Featured on Storehouse

I’m honored that Storehouse chose my Bald Eagles “story” to feature as their story of the day. Thanks guys.

Incidentally, if you haven’t tried Storehouse, you should. It’s a simple, beautiful way to assemble photo stories on your iPad.

Something a Little Different

I was delighted to photograph the Backyard on Blake launch party last week, along with a fundraiser for Denver mayor Michael Hancock. A little different than my usual outdoor photography gig, which was a blast.  Photos here:

Evergreen Camera Club

I will be speaking at the Evergreen Camera Club on September 10.   The focus of my talk will be on preparing to photograph the fall.  I’ll cover locations and tips for killer fall color images, plus thoughts on successful approaches to fall wildlife photography in the Rocky Mountain West.  There will be lots of pretty photos. :-)  Hope you can join us.


P.S.  Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. Art show season has been a little nuts!

Better Hosting

In an effort to improve the responsiveness of the site, we recently upgraded the hosting.  So far, things seem much better.  Please let us know if you are experiencing any responsiveness, and if you see anything that is not working.  As always, thanks for your support.

Storehouse Features my Valley of Fire Story

I just learned that Storehouse, a great visual storytelling app for iPad, is featuring my Valley of Fire “story” this week. Thanks guys!

Alaskan Bald Eagles

I’m not normally a workshop guy.  I have mastered my camera. I understand composition and exposure.  Heck, I lead workshops and teach post. And, most importantly, I like to do my own thing when I’m out shooting.  One of the great things about nature photography is enjoying the solitude of the wilderness.  But, I couldn’t figure out how to make the logistics for an Alaskan eagle trip work on my own, and Canadian Pro Chris Dodds has a great reputation as a workshop leader. So, in spite of my aversion, I signed up for a workshop.  I’m glad I did.   What a great workshop! The other participants in the workshop were a delight. Chris worked incredibly hard to make sure that we all had a positive experience. And, in spite of my I’m-a-professional-and-don’t-need-help attitude, I learned many things from Chris, both about shooting and post. (Chris is a good guy, especially for a Canadian. :-) But most importantly, I came home with thousands (OK, OK, more than 10,000) eagle images, including  some that I’m really excited about. Here are some favorites:

The Depths of Winter

It has been cold and wintry in Denver the last few days. The conditions bring to mind these two images that I made last January in Yellowstone National Park. (The conditions also gave me some time to process images, which is how I came to post these today. :-)  As usual in photography, bad weather makes for good images.  Though we almost had too much of a good thing – the snow was so heavy that it was difficult to autofocus on the Bison.

Thanks for stopping by. More new images shortly.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Mulie

I went shooting at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge this morning with my friend and fellow photographer Mark Brown. (Also ran in to Jay Ryser and some other folks from the Front Range Wildlife Photographers group.) This mule deer is simple, but I like the morning light on the deer’s antlers and the strip of warm dawn sky in the background. It was a great morning for photography.

Images Featured on Project Coyote's Photo Friday

Thanks to Project Coyote for featuring some of my Yellowstone coyote images in their Photo Friday.

Thanks guys!

Prints in the Capitol Building

If you find yourself in the Colorado State Capital building during the current legislative session, be sure to swing by the Speaker of the House’s offices and the Majority Staff offices. They are currently featuring more than twenty of my canvas prints. (Embarrassingly, the prints have been up for a while, but I am bad about promoting these things.)

Coyotes Fight Over Winter Kill Bison

I decided that it’s time for a break from the spate of recent desert landscapes.  I captured these coyotes fighting over a winter kill bison last winter in Yellowstone.

The night before, a large bull died, apparently overcome by the bitterly cold weather. It did not take long for the local coyotes to move in. At one point, there were at least a dozen animals circling the kill. They alternated between milling around, trying to chew their way into the carcass, howling, and playing/fighting for dominance.  What a great morning!

When shooting a scene like this, there are two things to keep in mind. First, with bright light, multiple animals, and a relatively featureless background, be sure to stop down for greater depth of field. Second, when confronted with a scene (like this one) where you are unable to fit the entire subject in the frame, you can always shoot a multi-image panorama. Just make sure that you keep the settings (and focus) the same for all frames. (This image is a panorama made from two different frames.)

Finally, take advantage of clean snow where you can find it! One of the great challenges of wildlife photography is getting clean backgrounds. With fresh snow, it’s almost easy.


Valley of Fire

Just before Christmas I took a quick trip to the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. What a spectacular place! Arches, sandstone in every color, shape, and pattern imaginable, great weather, and no crowds.  As an experiment, I made a new “story” using the new Storehouse iPad app: Valley of Fire.  Please check out the story and let me know what you think.