Do you want to master your camera? Would you like to have a professional photographer to guide you to photograph the breathtaking natural beauty of Colorado? Are you interested in learning to professionally process and print your images (and make a few big prints along the way)? We have a workshop for you.

Mastering your Camera New cameras can seem daunting: there are a plethora of buttons, knobs and dials, and the exposure never seems to come out quite right. In fact, there are just a handful of controls that actually matter. Master those, and you will be able to make properly exposed, professional-grade images with confidence. The best way to master your camera is to practice, practice, practice. In this class, Andrew will take you into the field, where you will master your camera by using it in real-world situations. You will also learn how to easily make correctly exposed images every time. As a bonus, Andrew will bring some of his professional gear for you to try, if you choose. Click here for the details.

Guided Trips These workshops are focused on one thing: getting you to the right place, at the right time, to make beautiful images. Andrew has spent a lifetime photographing in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. Let him know what you would like to shoot, and he’ll make it happen. Along the way, you will enjoy as much (or as little) hands-on photography instruction as you would like. More info here.

Process and Print Like a Pro Andrew makes (and sells) many hundreds of prints each year, and processes thousands of images. We have found it most useful to break down processing into a series of in-the-studio workshops. Click here for more information.