Master Your Camera

New cameras seem complex: there are a plethora of buttons, knobs and dials, and the exposure never seems to come out quite right. In reality, however, there are just three controls that matter: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. By mastering those variables, you will make properly exposed, professional images every time.

We have found that the best way to master the controls is to use them in the field, over and over again. Want to understand the effect of a small aperture? Try it a dozen times, and you’ll understand. Shutter speed confusing? See what happens with a fast or slow speed, and learn when you want to use each.

In this class, Andrew will take you into the field, where you will master your camera by using it in real-world situations. You will also learn how to easily make correctly exposed images every time. As a bonus, Andrew will bring some of his professional gear for you to try, if you choose.

Rates for one person are $250/half day, $450/full day. Bring a friend and save! Each additional person is only $150 for a half day or $225 for a full day.

To register, please use the contact form.