Path to Totality

Montage showing partial and total eclipse. Note visible sunspots

Eye of Sauron

Total eclipse, showing whispy corona. Casper, Wyoming

Eclipse with Prominences

Solar eclipse at totality. Underexposed to show solar prominences.


2017 total eclipse at totality. Casper, Wyoming.

Partial Eclipse II

Partial solar eclipse. Casper, Wyoming, 2017.

Partial Eclipse I

Partial solar eclipse. Casper, Wyoming, 2017.

Slot Canyon Abstract

Antelope Canyon, Northern Arizona, 2017.

Grey Ghost

A Great Gray Owl lifts off from its perch at the edge of a wood. Quebec, Canada, 2017.

Sea Otter Kit

A sea otter kit riks on its mother's belly. Central Coat, California, 2017.

Three Amigos

A raft of sea otters rests in a lagoon. Northern California, 2016.

Sneffels in Storm Light

A storm front passes over Mount Sneffels. Near Ridgeway, Colorado, 2016.

Chimney Rock Sunset

Chimney Rock on Owl Creek Pass. Near Ridgeway, Colorado, 2016.

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